L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët at Design Miami 2016

Art Basel + Design Miami is a must-go destination on the agenda of many artists, cool kids and jet-setters.  The infusion of art, culture, fashion of the bleeds into the inhibitions of the night – all set to the back drop of South Beach, Miami.  

It was exactly this clash that I aimed to dramatize and introduce to Design Miami 2016 with L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët.  To bring to life the uninhibited wild side that we all want to let out once we embrace our authentic selves and ignore conventions.  With the genius of Simon Hammerstein, the proprietor of The Box in NYC and London, and support from multiple contemporary creatives, we succeeded beyond our wildest imaginations.  

Taking place in the 48 room boutique hotel, Casa Faena, the event lasted 4 days and 4 nights.  Upon entering L’Eden, guests could get lost in a wonderful “jungle meets tropics” set design; they could rub elbows with other visitors like Katie Holmes, Martha Hunt, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

As the time led on, performances marked the passing of the night.  

When you ignore conventions, you can really have one hell of a night.

L'Eden By Perrier-Jouet Opening Night In Partnership With Vanity Fair



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