#AbsolutNights Officially Launches


I am proud to announce that my team and I are rolling out Absolut’s new #AbsolutNights campaign including 2 music videos (from Zedd and Empire of the Sun), TV commercial, a never-before-heard song from Empire of the Sun, 4 epic parties, 8 short films, and a limited-edition illuminated bottle that lights up when you push a button on the bottom

In Brooklyn, New York – Absolut created the world’s first multi-media disco ball with the collaboration of Vita Motus and Vice Media.  This 1-night only experience in Red Hook, Brooklyn was headlined by Zedd and could be seen in as far north on the East River as the Midtown.

In Johannesburg, South Africa – Charlie Gadeken and Absolut created a interactive dance-floor in the desert.

In Berlin, Germany – the popular collective, Studio XO helped throw an insane warehouse party in the middle of Berlin by creating bespoke interactive, 3-D printed, laser couture.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil – we created an immersive masquerade ball with the help of famed ‘God of War’ storyteller Marianne Krawcyzk.


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